Residential Lending

At Nivcorp Property Finance, we have an experienced team of finance  professionals with extensive knowledge in residential lending. Our team has built a reputation for providing outstanding results and services to their clients by working closely with each individual to understand their unique situation, ensuring we provide the most suitable loan option for their financial goals.

Whatever your needs, our expert team are here to help.

30+ Lenders to choose from

Lending Options

It’s no secret that choosing a loan is big business, and there are many lending providers to choose from. That’s why Nivcorp offers a range of financial services to suit everyone’s individual needs. These services range from buying your first home to refinancing your whole portfolio; whatever it is, we are here to help.

First Home Buyer


Investor Lending

Restructure & Reviews on Portfolio Lending

Equity/Cash Out

Trust Structure Lending

Professional Lending Options

We work closely with lenders to offer customised loans for professionals such as:


Specialist Medical Professionals


Construction Workers


Whatever your needs, our expert team are here to help.